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Etched Nameplates

Our chemical etched nameplates provide reliable long life usage in places of most adverse conditions such as exposure to high temperatures, oils, grease, and solvents. The depth of etching can vary to match customers' specifications. Materials used include Stainless Steel, Aluminium, and Brass. Usually, the etched nameplates are paint filled with colours to match customer requirements. Etched down areas can also be left to a natural matt finish contrasting with the raised areas that can receive a variety of finishes, such as brushed, mirror, or antique. There's no real limitation to the thickness of material to be etched. However, we only stock thickness up to 2.5mm as we do not cut material above 2.5mm (you are welcome to supply your own material).

Routed Nameplates

Aluminium is our most popular material for routing, but we can also cut acrylic, Lexan, and most plastics. We can route to your specifications up to a size of 1180 x 440mm. We can combine routing with our other processes to produce a finished product to suit all applications


Our engraving section includes two electronic engraving machines that can handle material up to 1200 x 600mm and up to 6mm thick. We can route and engrave most materials including Aluminium, Brass, Trifoliate, Perspex and more.

Plaques & Signage

We can create plaques for any occasion using materials from metal to acrylic mounted on a variety of substrates. We produce metal signage to any size to suit your needs.

Screen Printing

Our silk screen printing facilities are designed to print a large range of substrates from self-adhesive Vinyl, to Corflute. Practically anything flat (excluding textiles) can be printed on by our experienced staff using a wide range of inks to suit any conditions and purpose.

Self-adhesive Labels

We manufacture a wide range to suit both domestic and commercial markets. A combination of rolls, guillotine cutting, die cutting and vinyl cutting, of which can result in practically any final shape.

Drawings/Artwork for quoting:

If you are supplying an electronic copy of your job for quoting purposes, we can accept files in most formats, including pdf, bitmaps, Microsoft Office (this does not include Publisher), dxf and dwg. Please note: These file types are not necessarily suitable for our purposes and will be used for quoting only.
If you wish to provide us with artwork for the job, please see the acceptable frameworks in our graphics section. If you have any questions, please email us.